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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software)

-Innovative GIS Solutions, Longmont CO e90 .(2000 So. College Ave. Suite 300, Ft. Collins, CO, 80525, Phone: (970) 490 5900 Fax: (970) 490 2300 . email: . Jhon Goes In Center, Native Business Advisor, or David J. Buckley, Corporate GIS Solutions Manager, ) The only US GIS consulting firm founded by and presided over by a Native American. , technological innovator in advanced landscape analysis. Now a part of Pacific Meridian Resources as their Colorado Office. Check out their Resources Software Products: FRAGSTATS*ARC: Landscape structure and spatial pattern analysis for ArcInfo . Virtual Forest: Realistic 3-D visualization of forested landscapes . RAPiD AML: Application development environment for ArcInfo AML . RAPiD Surfing: Intuitive interface for ArcInfo 3-D capabilities of TIN and GRID . Harvest Block Planner Detailed block plan preparation for non-GIS specialists

Institute for Biogeography, Universitaet des Saarlandes . Windows GIS Share/Freeware, Geo-Vu, OzGIS 4, Windows IDRISI Modules, Fragstats, Surface Interpolator, US 3D Atlas, Landscape Explorer, Map Maker, GADS.

Least Cost Path Analysis Applet Live Demo Site, Wy . (Craighead Environmental Research Institute) . "This applet (created by Michael Gilpin) demonstrates route-finding algorithms that have some applicablility to the way that animals may move through the environment. Each cell represents an area of habitat. As an animal moves it has choices to make. -Each cell represents a "cost" to the animal. -Low cost (light green) is good in terms of disturbance, stress, danger, energy expediture (as in finding food, security) etc. -High cost (bright red) is bad;there are characteristics of that habitat that the animal will avoid if possible....Computer simulations like these are only the first step in identifying corridors for animal movements. These may provide a shortcut for where to look more closely on-the-ground. It is extremely important to examine each area closely, relate the habitat and topography to what you know about the behavior of the animals in question, and get the advice of local residents and professional biologists who know what areas are actually being used by animals. "

National Park Service AML Scripts Library . (Bill Slocumb ( Collection of over 30 programs for basic to advanced tasks, including system utilities.

National Park Service . Metadata Management System (MMS).(by Peter Budde, MWSO-GIS) "MMS provides a framework for documenting each layer in the GIS and maintains the information in an Access database format. The greatest strength of MMS is its seamless integration with ArcView 3.0x GIS, an interface to the metadata is provided via an ArcView extension. "

NPS Cultural Resources Mapping & GIS Division, Dc . MAPIT: Mapping & Preservation Inventory Tool .(Cultural Resource Mapping Services, Heritage Preservation Services, National Park Service, 1849 C Street NW, NC330, Washington DC 20240 Contact: John Buckler (202) 343-3936, OR Deidre McCarthy at (202) 343-9548 . fax (202) 343-3921 ): MAPIT is an ArcView Extension "designed to organize historic resource inventories in a computerized database with sophisticated mapping capabilities, and combines information about where historic properties are located with information about how these properties look. MAPIT can display inventory information as a map, chart, or table. Through a linked database MAPIT can also generate standard survey forms, National Register of Historic Places nomination forms, and other forms used by preservationists--all in a computerized environment. " Mapping & Preservation Inventory Tool (MAPIT): "MAPIT is designed to organize historic resource inventories in a computerized database with sophisticated mapping capabilities, and combines information about where historic properties are located with information about how these properties look."

NOAA Coastal Services Center, Sc . (2234 South Hobson Avenue Charleston, SC 29405-2413 843-740-1200 (phone) 843-740-1224 (fax) Geographic Information System Extensions for ArcView® : Metadata Collector Extension . Standard Digital Data Exchange Format Extension for ArcView® 3.0 . NOAA Nautical Chart Extension for ArcView® 3.0 . Lidar Data Handler .

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Wa . (NOAA R/PMEL 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 PH: 206-526-6239 FAX: 206-526-6815 ) . Java Map Display Package by Jonathan Callahan: "A key element of such an approach is the map display package which allows the user to select a region in x-y space. This selection can then be converted into latitude, longitude, depth/height or time. The rest of this document will discuss the design and implementation of a map display package which will be generic enough to be used in a variety of NOAA data servers. Special consideration will be give to the case of servers providing gridded geophysical data."

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center . The USGS Biological Resources Division uses geospatial technologies for biological applications. Through the use of geospatial technologies, remotely sensed data, and dynamic spatial models, scientists analyze current habitat conditions to understand changing environmental effects on the biological resources of the Nation.

PlantMaster from Acacia Software, Ca . "The program was designed for and by Landscape Design Professionals. PlantMaster is an open database system that serves as both an electronic horticultural journal and a plant portfolio builder for landscape clients. "

RAMAS, Ny, . (Ecological and Environmental Software by Applied Biomathematics, 100 North Country Road, Setauket, New York 11733, USA Tel: 516-751-4350, Fax: 516-751-3435) "RAMAS is a software library for building ecological models. RAMAS programs incorporate species-specific data to predict the future changes in the population and assess the risk of population extinction or explosion and chances of recovery from a disturbance. "

SKIS, the Six Kingdom Inventory System . PC program for data capture to create and manage taxonomic checklists. Comes with classification lists of all Mammal and Plant families as well as all Seabird species.

Software Contributions to the Wildlife Society Bulletin . The following software have been published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin. Programs: CONTRAST: Testing for differences among survival or recovery rates, SIZETRAN: Analysis of size-biased line transect data, SPADS: Simplified plotting analysis and data storage for telemetry, BirdBase 2 - A database system for bird sightings, TRANSAN: Line transect estimates based on shape restrictions, PUMA: A population simulator for cougar conservation, TRENDS: Software for a power analysis of linear regression, HEICALC: Elk habitat-effectiveness index software, CALHOME: a program for estimating animal home ranges, many others.

Wildlife Ecology Software Server , (Illinois Natural History Survey) , "This site continues to develop as a clearinghouse for wildlife ecology related software....We solicit programs within the following categories for inclusion at this site: habitat analysis, diversity indices, simulation, general population dynamics, capture/recapture, survival, energetics, statistics, home range, telemetry, data collection, and other wildlife ecology related categories that have not occurred to us. "

UNDP/UNESCO/ONUDI Regional Program of Biotecnology Software List .

US Bureau of Land Management AML Library: Below is a collection of AML's which have been created by the GIS Support Staff. .see also the BLM National Applied Resource Science Center AML Library .

US Fish & Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory Software Library . Amls, smls, unzipping software, NWI code parsing software and a public domain version of tar for MS-DOS.

USGS AML and ESRI tools library: (Dave Catts , USGS: )

USGS BRD Patuxent Center WWW Map Gallery Macros . ( Ian Thomas, GIS Analyst, PWRC GIS & Remote Sensing Unit, Biolgical Resources Division USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD 20708-4017. Tel: (301) 497-5636 Fax: (301) 497-5666 Email:, ) "To produce standard WWW GIF images and linking html code from a screen capture of any Arcplot session. . ArcInfo Imagemap Macro : "To produce standard WWW imagemaps (html script, gifs, map files and link pages) from any ArcInfo polygon coverage.". WWW Map Gallery Macro . (Developed by Ian L Thomas GIS & Remote Sensing Unit, Biological Resources Division USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD 20708-4017. Tel: (301) 497-5636 Fax: (301) 497-5666 email:, WWW: ) Purpose: To produce standard WWW GIF images and linking html code from a screen capture of any Arcplot session. How Its Done: This macro launches a menu for user input, makes a screencapture of the existing Arcplot window, creates a GIF image and copies it to an existing web directory on your web server, then adds a link to an existing index file. Requirements: Unix ArcInfo

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