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Latin America based groups and organizations

(Legend: CTSP sites are coded "c" plus the year of the grant, (cs=software, cm=mac), ECP grantees are coded "e". Many groups, especially newer grantees, do not yet have their own sites and are colored green. Other new groups may be described or supported by other sites) (the green letters at the very end refer to the section of the site these entries are found in, '@' means they have online DATA: ig-international/global, if-africa, ic-arctic/antarctic, ia-asia/australia/oceania, ir-russia/central asia, ie-europe, il-latin america, in-north america/canada)









Latin America

ANCON, Panama e95 . il

CONDESAN, Peru e96 . il


Belize Center for Environmental Studies e97 . il

Coral Cay Conservation e94 . il

Fundacion Moises Bertoni, Asuncion, Paraguay c96 . il

Jaguar Creek Environmental Center, Target Earth, Belize e99 . il

Maquipucuna Foundation, Ecuador, e96 . il

Wildlife Conservation Society, Gallon Jug, Belize e97 . il


Centro de Investigacion y Documentacion para el Desarrollo del Beni (CIDDEBENI) e98 . il

Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (F.A.N.) . il

Kechua & Aymara Association for the Conservation of Mother Earth ("ANDES") . il

Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado, Bolivia e97 . il


Instituto Socioambiental, Brazil e90 . il

INPA Laboratorio de Geo Info Sistemas - GISLab, . il

Fundacao Vitoria Amazonica, Brazil, e97 . il



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