Conservation Geography Groups: Map of Grantees



ECP Grantees and SCGIS Members as of 2005

This map was created by combining prior lists of ECP grantees with areas where gis grantees of all kinds had begun forming chapters of the SCGIS. Each country is symbolized by a red circle representing how many members/grantees are there.









ECP Grantees Map as of 1998

This Map depicts our first ever synoptic view of ECP granting activity worldwide. It was created from 769 grant records and status reports for 1998 using location coverages from the Quick Start Database of the ESRI Arcdata Program. Although a crude classification, the types of conservation activity that organizations were using GIS for is shown for the 150 or so International grants. For the USA grants, the types of activity are summarized instead in the charts at the bottom of the map. The left chart shows total grants, the right hand chart shows grantees who had sent in status reports, a very rough indicator of early or rapid GIS progress. As a percentage of grantees, the highest success rates, aproaching 50% of all grantees, were seen in research, environmental education, marine/coastal & environmental law groups. This is not suprising given the overall orientation towards publication among these groups. The average "early success" ratio was 25%, which is good compared to many computer & science-based technology grant programs. (CLICK HERE FOR 141kb version) (CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE MAP: 1,145K)



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