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California based groups and organizations

(Legend: CTSP sites are coded "c" plus the year of the grant, (cs=software, cm=mac), ECP grantees are coded "e". Many groups, especially newer grantees, do not yet have their own sites and are colored green. Other new groups may be described or supported by other sites) (the green letters at the very end refer to the section of the site these entries are found in, '@' means they have online DATA)



Society for Conservation GIS







Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH), Ca . c
California Biodiversity Council, Ca e93 . c

California Coastal Conservancy, Ca . c

California Conservation Corps Foundation, Sacramento CA cm97 . c

Calif Dept. of Fish and Game, Sacramento Ca e92 . c

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection FRAAP, Ca: . . c

California Native Plant Society, Ca e95 . c

California Teale Data Center, Ca . c

California Teale Data Center GIS Technology Center, Ca . c

The California Environmental Resources Evaluation System - CERES . c

California State University Stanislaus BIOWEB. . c

California Trout, Ca . c

California Wilderness Coalition, Davis, CA c96 . c

California League of Conservation Voters, Ca e97 . c

Conception Coast Project, Ca c98 . c

Coyote Creek Riparian Station, Ca (transferred 1998) c98 . c

Endangered Species Recovery Program, Fresno CA c95 . c

Environmental Protection Information Center, Ca e97. . c

Forest Sentinels In Science, Inc, Mcloud CA c96 . c

Friends of Gilham Butte, Ca . c

Greenbelt Alliance, CA e93 c96 . c

Greeninfo Network, Ca: . c

Klamath Forest Alliance, Ca . c

Klamath GIS Project, Ca 95 . c

Mattole Restoration Council, Ca e94 . c

Mendocino Environmental Center, Ca. . c

The Mojave Desert Ecosystem Initiative (MDEI), Ca . c

Natural Heritage Institute, Ca e97 . c

North Coast Center for Biodiversity, Leggett, CA c95 . c

Northcoast Environmental Center, Ca c98 . c

Oasis Preserve International, Ca e98 . c

The Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA), Ca e99 . c

Sacramento River Discovery Center, Inc., Ca c99 . c

Sacramento Tree Foundation, CA c96. . c

Salmon Forever, Ca c98 . c

San Gregorio Environmental Resource Center, Ca . c

Sierra Club San Gorgonio Chapter, Ca c95. . c

Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma, CA e94. . c

Spirit of the Sage Council, Ca . c

Trinity Bioregion GIS Project, Ca . c

The Trinity Community GIS Project, Ca e95. . c

UC Davis ICE House List California Programs for Biodiversity Conservation, Ca . c

University of California, Santa Cruz GIS Laboratory, e91 . c

US Bureau of Reclamation Non-Federal geospatial information sources : California geospatial information sources . c



The California Biodiversity Project: Linking a GIS Model with the Planning Process . cp

The California Biodiversity Project: Selection and Use of Biodiversity Indicators . cp

Conservation and Recovery Planning in the San Joaquin Valley . cp

Hydrologic and Hydrographic Database Design in Support of Anadromous Fisheries Restoration Planning . cp

Virtual GIS and Ecosystem Assessment in the Klamath Province, California-Oregon . cp


Sites with public conservation and GIS data for downloading

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System Maps and Spatial Data . c@

California State Lands Commission Online GIS Data . c@


USGS San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database (BARD) . c@

USGS San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database (BARD) 30m DEM . c@

USGS San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database (BARD) Digital Orthophoto Quads . c@

UC Santa Cruz Data Library download files . c@




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