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Building powerful spatial analysis and mapping capabilities takes time and effort, things often in short supply at non-profit organizations. An important recent development has been online collaborative GIS tools and platforms, allowing users to share spatial data and share GIS tasks and projects without having to own or manage very much in terms of GIS technologies or tools. Projects and resources for collaborative GIS are listed below












Web GIS Resources:

New: Conservation Web Conf.

Mapping for Everyone
ArcGIS Online NonProfit News
ArcGIS Online Public Beta Site
ArcGIS and the Web
ESRI Layer Packages
Free maps and tasks
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ArcGIS Online & Server Sites:
Databasin Project
National Geographic WildWorld

ArcGIS Explorer Resources
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NEW: ArcGIS Explorer Latest Build!

This new build of ESRI's free GIS software supports the Layer Package data exchange format, powerpoint-like slide presentation tools, improved performance and much more.

ArcGIS Online Public Beta Site Now Open
(Requires Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7)

ArcGIS and the Web: Better Map Sharing Have you ever wanted to share some of your great maps with the rest of the world? Or maybe just easily share some of your work with a colleague? Well, the new ArcGIS Online sharing application, now open for public beta access, can be used as a system for sharing, finding and using GIS content across the Web.

To get started you'll have to Create an ESRI Global Account first (it's easy), then go back to the ArcGIS Online Signin Page . You'll notice a "First Time User" link, click on that so that you can register your new ESRI global account with ArcGIS Online. You only do that once. From then on you just need to enter your ESRI global user name and ID. Once in, you can Search for Content or Search for Groups. Use "Conservation" as a good way to find all the ESRI Conservation Program groups to check out or join.

Free maps and tasks are available to use in your ArcGIS applications

Layer Package: is ESRI's new data container for web GIS and online collaboration.

ArcGIS Explorer Build 900: now supports layer packages

Web API's & Custom Web GIS Applications:
Documentation, libraries, tutorials and examples for building your own web GIS apps.
Getting Started with Web Mapping
Using ArcGIS Online services in your Web app

API guides and interactive SDKs
- ArcGIS Javascript API's, extensions and REST services
- ArcGIS API for Flex™
- ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight™/WPF™
- ArcGIS Server .NET Web ADF (AJAX-enabled)
- Java Web ADF (AJAX-enabled)

Access the Javascript, Flex, or Silverlight SDK's to build your custom Web Application.

ArcGIS Online News

ArcGIS Online World Street Map services now include UNEP-WCMC parks and protected areas for the world.



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