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New groups and new data sets are growing rapidly following the opening of ArcGIS Online Sharing for public beta. This page will keep nonprofit and conservation folks updated on the latest activities. It's called a blog because it will include frequent informal notes of interest, not because it's an interactive discussion. For those types of activities, please stay tuned to the Data Basin project ( where ArcGIS Online Sharing will be fully integrated with traditional website technologies and rich multi-format data sharing, mapping and interactivity.



SEARCHING & TAGS: Singular/Plural matters! ie "Parks" will not find groups tagged "Park" and vice versa. "Conservation" is a good search term. That's how I tag most of my groups. "ECP", the acronym for the ESRI Conservation Program, is how I tag everything else. "Indigenous" or "tribal" are good terms for Native & First Nations. "GIS" and "world" are less useful because so many people use those. HERE is a list of standard tags that I have used in the ESRI program grants for 15 years.

ArcGIS Online Nonprofit Groups As of Sept 09 :
World Database of Protected Areas: a test group for Unep-Wcmc WDPA program
Parks: a test group for the general public interested in parks and protected areas
ESRI Conservation Program Public : Test group for ESRI Grantees to share data openly
ESRI Conservation Program Private : If you only want to share your data with me
Wildlife Public : Test group for sharing wildlife locations data publically
Wildlife Private : Test group for sharing wildlife data only in a close group of experts
Wildlife Conservation Network Private : Test group for WCN members.
Data Basin: AGOL site managed by the Data Basin staff to supplement Data Basin
Conservation Data Warehouses: More generic site for those interested in data warehouses like the data basin project.
Techsoup GIS Grants Program: a test group for general non-profits and Techsoup members
Environmental Justice :
Indigenous Peoples : a test group for indigenous peoples worldwide
Native Peoples : a test group for native peoples worldwide
First Nations : a test group for First Nations
Conservation : General/default conservation sharing group
Biodiversity :
Species :
Ecology :
Biogeography :
Wilderness :
Society for Conservation GIS :
The Nature Conservancy Global Atlas :
Climate Change :
Conservation Planning : test group for authors of the new Craighead/ESRI book
Heart of the Rockies : test group for the Heart of the Rockies Land Trust
Moose Lake Legacy Intiative : conservation of Moose Lake in Sawyer County, WI.
Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council :

ArcGIS Conservation Data News:

Audubon California Sanctuaries : Data from Dr. Wm. Monahan on Audubon work in several test format for use with free software or ArcGIS software.

Snow Leopard Potential Range : Data from Dr. Rodney Jackson and Patricia Williams on Snow Leopard Suitable Habitat

USA Prime Imagery Basemap: Good basemap for USA delivered as a live webmap you can use from your browser and add other layers to as long as they are published ArcGIS server services like this one.

World Topo Map ESRI : good basemap for use with ArcExplorer ( free download). ArcExplorer installs with a default basemap of imagery with boundaries. This is a nice alternative for conservation users as it provides seamless detail down to 1:24k wherever it exists.

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