List of CTSP Grantees

CTSP 1995

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, (Year: 96-X, Grant: HPC)
Bastrop County Env Council, (Year: 95-12, Grant: HPC)
Central Oregon Cons Groups Coop, (Year: 95-22, Grant: HPC)
Chattooga River Watershed, (Year: 96-24, Grant: HPC,G, T)
Endangered Species Recovery Plan, (Year: 95-40, Grant: Unix)
Georgia Forest Watch, (Year: 96-43, Grant: HPC, G, E)
Headwaters, (Year: 95-46, Grant: HPC)
Heritage Conservancy, (Year: 95-48, Grant: HPC)
Hudsonia, NY, (Year: 95-51, Grant: HPC)
Huron River Watershed Council, (Year: 95-52, Grant: HPC)
International Crane Foundation, (Year: 95-58, Grant: HPC)
Lighthawk Project, (Year: 95-62, Grant: Dig/GPS)
Methow Valley Citizenís Council, (Year: 95-67, Grant: HPC)
New England Aquarium, (Year: 95-74, Grant: HPC)
Oregon Water Trust, (Year: 95-78, Grant: HPC)
Pacific Forest Trust, (Year: 95-80, Grant: HPC)
The Mountain Institute, (Year: 95-108, Grant: 2HPC)
The Conservancy Inc, (Year: 95-107, Grant: HPC)
The Nature Conservancy Connecticut, (Year: 95-112, Grant: HPC)
The Nature Conservancy, Iowa, (Year: 95-109, Grant: Unix)
Sitka Conservation Society, (Year: 95-98, Grant: HPC)
Society for the Prot of NH Forests, (Year: 95-100, Grant: 650c)
South Appalachian Forest Coalition, (Year: 96-101, Grant: HPC)
North Am Wild (Wildlands Project), (Year: 95-75, Grant: 650c Only)
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, (Year: 95-77, Grant: HPC)
The Trustees of Reservations, (Year: 95-115, Grant: 650C only)
WoodsHole Research Center, (Year: 95-125, Grant: UNIX)
World Wilderness Committee, (Year: 95-126, Grant: UNIX)

CTSP 1996

American Wildlands, (Year: 96-, Grant: Unix)
Biodiversity Associates, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Conservation Fund, Southeast Regional Office, Grant: SW)
Forest Conservation Council, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Nature Conservancy--Texas, The, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Nature Conservancy--Washington, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
North American Wilderness Recovery Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Pacific Gis, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Sierra Biodiversity Institute, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Wildlife Conservation Society, (Year: 96-, Grant: UNIX)
Alaska Inst. For Sustainable Rec. & Tourism, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
California Wilderness Coalition, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Center For Natural Lands, Grant: Management, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Ces/Pinacate-Organ Pipe Cactus Nat'l Mon., (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Craighead Environmental Research Inst., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Craighead Wildlife-Wildlands Inst, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Creative Environmental Conservation, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Desktop Assistance, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, The, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Ecologically Sustainable Development, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Elkhorn Slough Foundation, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Fairchild Tropical Garden, (Year: 96-)
Forest Sentinels In Science, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Goncol Foundation C/O River Watch, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Good Shepherd Regional School, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Great, Grant: Swamp Watershed Association, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Greenbelt Alliance/Greeninfo Network, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Green Mountain Forest Watch, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Heritage Trails Fund, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
International Rivers Network, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Island Institute, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Keeping Track, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Los Angeles County Breeding Bird Atlas, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Minnesota Public Interest Research Fdn, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Natural Lands Trust, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Nature Conservancy--Alaska, The, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Nature Conservancy- Ga, Altamaha River, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Nature Conservancy--Ohio Field Office, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Nature Conservancy--New Mexico, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
The Nature Conservancy - Moises Bertoni, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Nature Conservancy--South Dakota, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Northern Rockies Conservation Coop., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
People For Puget Sound, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Plateau Restoration, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Restore: The North Woods, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Rural Advancement Foundation Int'l-Usa, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
Sacramento Tree Foundation, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC)
San Joaquin River Parkway & Cons Trust, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Save The Bay, Inc., (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
The School For Field Studies, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)
Southern Rockies Ecosystem Proj., (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Assn, (Year: 96-, Grant: HPC)
The Wolf Education And Research Center, (Year: 96-, Grant: MAC ADV)

CTSP 1997

Alaska Boreal Forest Council, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Alaska Marine Conservation Council, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
American River Conservancy, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Asian Pacific Environmental Network, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
California Conservation Corps Fdn, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Catawba Lands Conservancy, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Catskill Center for Cons. and Devlpmt, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Center for Neighborhood Technology, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Earthspan, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Ecology Center, Inc, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
Environmental Advocates, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Five Valleys Land Trust, Inc., (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Florida Museum of Natural History, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Food First; Inst for Food &Developmentt, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC INT)
High Country Citizens Alliance, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Housatonic Valley Association, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Inland Empire Public Lands Council, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Laurentian RC&D Council, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Maine Audubon Society, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
Napa County Land Trust, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Nashua River Watershed Association, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Neponset River Watershed Assn, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
New York City Audubon Society, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC INT)
North Carolina Coastal Federation, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Northern Rockies Campaign, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
NWF-NE Natural Resource Center, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Oregon NaturalHeritage Program, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
PeninsulaHeritage Land Trust, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Predatory Bird Research Group, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Prescott Creeks Preservation Association, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Riverside Land Conservancy, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
Rogue Inst for Ecology and Economy, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Salmon River Resotration Council, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
Save the Sound, Inc., (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Save-the-Redwoods League, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Sheepscot Valley Conservation Assn, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Sitka Conservation Society, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
SmartWood Program (Rainforest Alliance), (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Tampa BayWatch, Inc., (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Taos Land Trust, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP INT)
Telluride Institute, InfoZone Program, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
Teton Science School, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)
Texas Center for Policy Studies, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
TNC-Great Lakes Program, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP ADV)
TNC-Pennsylvania Chapter, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Fund, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP INT)
Wildlands Project,, Grant: Utah, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Wildlife Conservation Society, (Year: 97-, Grant: SW)
Wyoming Open Lands, (Year: 97-, Grant: HP)
Yuba Watershed Institute, (Year: 97-, Grant: MAC)


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