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SCGIS INTERNATIONAL CHAPTER GUIDEBOOK has been in process for over 3 years, representing the combined experience and expertise of the first 1 years of SCGIS International chapter growth and development. It is very much a work in progress, and is finally ready for it's first public review phase. The goal of this page is to present the Draft Public Comment version of the guidebook for all SCGIS Members to read and provide feedback and comments. Please send your comments to Charles Convis, The review period for this public review will end Friday Sept 30, 2016, but as mentioned above this is regarded as a living document that will be constantly reviewed and revised as we move forward. Among the new ideas presented in this version 12 is a lightweight SCGIS Chapter concept called an Alliance, very easy to start and run, as a possible mechanism for student chapters and informal conservation GIS meetups. Another new concept is a more detailed statement of our beliefs and professional principles of practice, beyond the "Do no harm" motto that has guided us for 25 years. Your feedback and comments are welcome, the more specific the better. regards, charles convis, sasha yumakaev and all the other chapter leaders, SCGIS international leaders and SCGIS board members whose advice and feedback have helped immeasurably thus far.












SCGIS International Chapter Guidebook Public Draft v12

SCGIS Guidebook Public Draft v12 supplement 1: leading a chapter


































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