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CLIMATE CHANGE and the FUTURE OF WATER: June 22-25, 2016. Headlines around the world read: "Worst drought ever!” “Biggest storm in history” and "Hottest year on Record”. Meanwhile, scientists are gathering data and trying to make sense out of our changing world.  There are terabytes of data about water and climate that support some of the most complex analyses of our time - as we know, sorting through the noise and finding the real-life patterns, trends, or impacts to habitats is becoming its own art form. Telling the story about how climate and water are changing our world is of utmost importance, yet sometimes its hard to know where and how to start.  This year our conference theme is centered on telling the most complex stories of our time; the story of the changing climate and the future of water. Submit an abstract and tell the conservation GIS community how you are using GIS in the most innovative ways, using the many tools of our trade: story maps, remote sensing, graphic design, and cartography and high-quality data to tell these stories so that we can all develop and implement the most relevant conservation actions possible. Come hear the keynote speakers and workshop presenters we have invited to help lead this important discussion.









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