Society for Conservation GIS 2013

Each year, the Society for Conservation GIS conducts a competitive international review of folks using computer mapping and GIS to help conservation, sustainable development and indigenous rights around the world. Our 2013 was a great success, as we were able to help over 20 hardworking conservationists from around the world for the first time in many years. Below is a gallery of photos of their time at UC Davis, the San Diego and Asilomar Conferences, and points in between.

Sponsors for our 2013 program include Jack Dangermond, The Nature Conservancy andWorld Wildlife Fund..
























SCGIS 2013 Group Photo (click for larger version)


SCGIS 2013 Scholars Photo (click for larger version)





2013 Scholars Photos (Click on any photo to get the full resolution version)

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Beach Fire at Ocean Beach, San Diego
Kimokeo Blessing the Outrigger Canoes before our Monterey BayTrip
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Scholars ready for racing
Underway in the Outrigger Canoes around Monterey Bay.
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Kimokeo Blessing SCGIS at the end of our Monterey BayTrip
Skin diving at Lovers Point Reef, Otters spotted!
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What Outrigger Racing on the open ocean looks like
Cold water reefs and marine life are special for Marine Arakelyan
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Diving is also popular for Uruguay and Cameroon
Ancient electrotherapy machine is checked out by modern subjects
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Donated laptops are distributed and checked out with lots of help
Claudel helps three ice cream machines get ready for a hungry crowd
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Mei makes the official presentation for SCGIS chapter status for Japan
Mariana leads the scholars in special thanks to Sasha and the hosts
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Group Photo of 2013 Scgis Scholars and a few of their hosts and teachers
Heading back for home in a 15-passenger van
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Packing luggage needs the skills of a tetris master
last goodbye as a sea otter finds a new home in japan
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Group Photo of 2013 Scgis Scholars UNLABELLED VERSION
Group Photo of 2013 Scgis Scholars GOING CRAZY VERSION
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2013 Scgis Scholars at the historic Convis gate used for the 1991 photo
Kimokeo greeting Zhiwen


















2013 Scholar Profiles

2013 Conference Agenda

2013 Proceedings

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