Society for Conservation GIS 2011

Each year, the Society for Conservation GIS conducts a competitive international review of folks using computer mapping and GIS to help conservation, sustainable development and indigenous rights around the world. Our 2011 was a great success, as we were able to help over 20 hardworking conservationists from around the world for the first time in many years. Below is a gallery of photos of their time at UC Davis, the San Diego and Asilomar Conferences, and points in between.

Sponsors for our 2011 program include Jack Dangermond, The Nature Conservancy andWorld Wildlife Fund..
























SCGIS 2011 Group Photo (click for larger version)

SCGIS 2011 Scholars Photo (click for larger version)





SCGIS 2011 Scholar Presentations (pdf or ppt files)

Andriamandranto Ravoahangy: Fire and Deforestation Survey in Tsitongambarika Forest and its Surroundings
Mohammad Ayub Alavi: Biodiversity Areas of Interest (Prioritized Zones) within Afghanistan
Carlos Daniel De Angelo: A Management Landscape for Jaguars in the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest
Maria Catalina Lopera Doncel: Distribution of useful plants with conservation needs at san martín de amacayacu colombian amazon
Cosmas Julian Apelis: Developing Effective Land-Use Planning with Indigenous People of Papua New Guinea
Diana Josefa Ople San Jose: Applications of GIS to Ancestral Domain Mapping of the Iraya Mangyan of Occidental Mindoro
Dudy Kurnia Nugroho Adi: Analysis Corridor Area for the Tiger Conservation in the Dangku Landscape, Sumatra, Indonesia
Ilona Zhuravleva: Ten Years of Mapping and Monitoring Intact Forest Landscapes in the Tropics
Mervyn Charles Lotter: Using the Mpumalanga Biodiversity Conservation Plan in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
Phillip Kihumuro: From Bugoma to Budongo:Securing the Chimpanzee Corridor in the Agricultural Landscapes of Western Uganda
Rija Lalasoa Rajaonson: Application of GIS for data preparation and modeling for coastal and marine conservation planning in Madagascar
Sokrith Heng: Biodiversity Conservation On The Tonle Sap Great Lake
Stefan Kirilov Stamenov: Spatial Model of the First Bulgarian Capital Pliska Based on Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Data
Tonyo Uybad: Challenges to the critical roles of the mangyan ancestral domain in conserving the watershed and protecting from floods
Andre Lima: Mapping burned scars in Amazon region using MODIS data
Gabriel Njenga Kahiro: Participatory GIS and Resource Use Assessments: A case study of Greater SegeraCommunity Conservation Trust.
Nur Ismu Hidayat: Community Based GIS Approach to Assess Fisheries Activities in Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area Network
Roman Sizo: GIS for environmental assessment of the state of floodplain territories in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta


















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