Scgis 2008 International Conference

The Society for Conservation GIS would like to welcome you to its eleventh annual conference. The theme for the 2008 SCGIS conference is Our Changing World. As members of the conservation GIS community, we experience change on a daily basis: from new software, hardware, and analytical techniques for
achieving our conservation goals to the changing and emerging conservation challenges we work to overcome and find solutions for. At this year’s conference, we will consider the changes of yesterday, today, and tomorrow:
1. Yesterday: An opportunity to reflect on the conservation challenges we have faced, our successes, failures, lesson learned, and how we have adapted over time
2. Today: An opportunity to share how we are embracing and developing new and changing technologies and how our approaches are changing given changing conservation challenges
3. Tomorrow: An opportunity to share our visions of the future and how we are contributing to that future—technology, techniques, and approaches to conservation challenges
— Gillian Woolmer and Patti Bailey
2008 Conference Committee























SCGIS 2008 Group Photo, Asilomar (click for larger version)


Scgis 2008 International Scholars Photo (click for larger version)




2008 List of International Scholars

Alex Njiru Ngari, East Africa Natural History Society (Nature Kenya) Kenya
André Almeida Cunha, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Laboratório de Mastozoologia e Manejo de Fauna Brazil
Anna Barashkova, Siberian Environmental Center Russia
Cecilia Villanueva, Centro Nacional Patagonico (CENPAT). Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnica (CONICET) Argentina
Chaka Harold Kaumba, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Zambia
Gideon Neba Shu, Global Forest Watch Cameroon Cameroon
Luciana Cavalcanti Maia Santos, BiomaBrasil Institute (Tropical Coastal Wetlands Management and Conservation); University of São Paulo’s Environmental Science Graduate Program (PROCAM-USP) Brazil
Ochirkhuyag Lkhamjav, WCS Mongolia
Sabino Padilla Jr,. Anthropology Watch Philippines
Tiana Hanitriniaina Rakotosamimanana, WCS Madagascar


















2008 Conference Agenda

2008 Scholars