Society for Conservation GIS 2007

Each year, the Society for Conservation GIS conducts a competitive international review of folks using computer mapping and GIS to help conservation, sustainable development and indigenous rights around the world. We select the top 15 finalists for a scholarship award allowing them to attend 4 weeks of specialized training in conservation science, computers, GIS, GPS, and imagery. Honorees will also present papers on their work at the annual SCGIS meeting and the annual ESRI International Conference,

SCGIS 2007 Conference Group Photo (click for large version)


















Photo Gallery A of the 2007 Scgis International Scholarship Program

June, 2007, Redlands, James Reserve, San Diego and Asilomar, California, USA

Doing the wave at the James Reserve Bonfire


Miguel and Arne control fire

Claudia and Bjorn in the internet cafe

Katya, Gioconda and Lore check the proceedings

Sasha checking us all in San Diego
Ana Maria, Heidi and Arne checking in
Jacinta and Miguel review maps for posting

Solichins Fire Posters
Emily and Sasha selecting russian maps

Nature Conservancy gets the Presidents Award
Scgis Scholars with Jack Dangermond
Everyone wants a photo with Mr. Dangermond
Victor thanking Jack for Ukraine GIS help
Biodiversity Sessions from California Academy of Sciences and UC Berkeley.
Back in Redlands, learning indonesian grass whistling
Back in Redlands for potluck barbeque
At Asilomar, Hanna sets up the SCGIS Store
Sasha helps open the Asilomar Conference
Jacinta's presentation at Asilomar
Stewart Weiss teaches about tidepools
Haqiq shows Gioconda how to us the "SCGIS Palmtop"
Gioconda and Haqiq enjoy a laugh
Asilomar Trees at sunset
Asilomar Dining hall
Katya & Camera at sunset
Marinda at Asilomar Sunset
Drew Stephens helps with the bonfire
Watch out for flying sparks!
Susan and Sasha sing
Nothing beats Beatles songs in Russian!
The Kids get a laugh from Dining room chairs
Another SCGIS baby: Jonathan Doig and Ailing Hsu, SCGIS 1992
Savrina and Greg help at the Auction
Heidi, Gioconda, Ana Maria and Sasha celebrate a successful auction
Taku Awa, a royal prince from Cameroon, helping the fundraiser with photos for auction
Andrew explains the Basket of Blessings from Tibet
George, John and Taku
Christina and Jacinta
Everyone wants their photo taken
Everyone likes their photos taken
Time to go, traditional farewell ceremony
Victor packed for the long trip home




























2007 Community Track A
2007 Community Track B
2007 Tech Track A
2007 Tech Track B

SCGIS Scholars Papers
2007 Scgis Scholars A
2007 Scgis Scholars B
2007 Scgis Scholars C

SCGIS posters

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