Society for Conservation GIS 1999

Each year, the Society for Conservation GIS conducts a competitive international review of folks using computer mapping and GIS to help conservation, sustainable development and indigenous rights around the world.

Of course, the program would not exist at all if not for the countless hours of volunteer time from SCGIS members.























SCGIS 1999 Group Photo (click for large version)


SCGIS 2012 Scholars Photo (click for large version)




        1999 Scgis Conference Agenda and Speakers
Paper Presentations                      
Gabriela Augusto             Portugal               European Ecological Regions
Douglas C. Comer*          Univ. of Maryland            ?
Donald Ebert      EPA        ATtILA AV Extension
J. Chris Ecohawk               National Park Service     ArcView-Baseline Water Quality
Dina El-Mogazi  EBIC       Environmental Justice
Luis Fernandez  University of Michigan   Deforestation in Nicarauga
Rita Gomes         Portugal               GIS-National Ecological Reserve, Portugal
Tom Hoctor        UF          GIS-Ecological Network in Southeast US
Lorri Peltz            Michigan              Vegetation Change Analysis for Ecoregional Planning
Steven O. Rohmann, Ph.D.          NOAA   Benthic Habitats of the Florida Keys CD-ROM
Eric Sanderson*                WCS       ?
Don J. Smith       UF          Ecological Interface Zones GIS model
Will Allen / Frank Conkling            TCF / Panda Consulting  Midewin Prairie Explorer Map Objects Application
Pat Halpin            Duke     A Conservation DSM for Multisite Reserve Design
Two-Hour Workshop 2:00 - 4:30pm                         
Bill Ferguson      SW Colorado Data Center             Overview of Metadata Concepts
Tom Hoctor        University of Florida       Potential Connectivity for the Florida Black Bear.
Denise Kamradt                National Park Service     GIS analysis of bobcat and coyote distributions
Katherine Kantaras         University of Florida       Ecological Interface Zones
Luis A.M. Plahares de Melo         Brazil     GIS Decision Support Tool for Genetic Resources
Frank Biasi*        TNC        Ecoregional Planning
Paul Zwick           UF          Spatial Analysis
Michelle Anthony            USGS     Hands-on Metadata Development Workshop
International Scholarship Recipient Papers                        
Ferdinand Addo,              Ghana   Cultural Resource Management
Lindsay E. Madero Archbold        Columbia             Biosphere Reserve
Dr. Vijay H. Aswani          Panama                Biodiversity in Central America
Victor P. Belogurov         Russia   GIS - Ecological Risk Zones
Joe Bremen        Israel     Marine GIS, Israel
Marion Cayetano             Belize    Community Development in Belize
Claire Geddes    Kenya   GIS/GPS - Elephant Tracking
Luis Fernando Gómez    World Wildlife Fund        Forest Management in Ecuador
Emily Gonzales  Canada Gray squirrel - BC
Razafimbololona Lalaina                Madagascar        delimitation of Masoala National Park
Anthony Maddock          South Africa       Conservation-worthy areas in South Africa
Ibrahima Mamadou Mat               Senegal                Planning and Monitoring Biosphere Reserve
Lynette Obare   Kenya   Gender Conflict in Resource Management
Lalit Rai India      Identification of biorich patches & corridors
Nelson Sanchez                Chile      GIS in Conservation of Patagonian Forests
Csaba Sandor     Hungary               public access to environmental information in Hungary
Robert J. Smith UK          integrated protected area network for South Africa
S. Sreekesh        India      impact assessment in mining areas of Goa, India
Vladimir Tikunov              Russia   Environmental Atlas of Russia

Sunday Panel Discussions / Workshops                  
Bob Arenz - Allen - Coveny          SCGIS    SCGIS Strategic Planning Workshop
Gillian Bowser* SCGIS    Environmental Ethics Panel
Sunday GPS Instruction, Sunday 8:30-11:30am or 1:15-3:15pm                   
Mike Kunzman*               University of Arizona      GPS and GIS Instruction
Charles Preuss  Trimble Conservation, GPS, and 1024 Week Number Rollover


in 1999, SCGIS had co-presidents Will Allen (Left) and Sandra Coveny (right). Dr. Mike Hamilton is seated behind.


Dr Hamilton and Sandra observe


Dr Michael Soule, founder of Conservation Biology, was our keynote speaker


Conservation GIS Conferences should always be held outdoors, less order, more nature!


Prashant Hedao (not pictured) had just completed our first global map of members and it was a popular map.


Victor Belogurov (foreground) was one of our first scholars, from the Emergency Rescue Service of Ukraine.


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1999 Conference Agenda

SCGIS 1999 Newsletter