Wild Planner: tools to assist development planning that protects wildlife resources


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OVERVIEW:Wild Planner is a collection of tools designed to support land use decision making for wildlife conservation. The toolbox includes tools to assist conservationists, land use planners, developers, and other interested parties with designing landscapes that provide secure living habitat and/or allow movement habitat connectivity for wildlife.
Wild Planner is based on the precautionary principle. It identifies and eliminates areas suspected of compromising wildlife and their habitats and evaluates remaining areas for their potential to support desirable wildlife.
Wild Planner is not intended to replace consultation with wildlife professionals or on-site evaluations. Any conservation or development plans based on results from Wild Planner should be followed up with consultation with local professional wildlife authorities and on-site verification before implementing plans. The core of Wild Planner is an ArcGIS toolbox file with associated Python scripts, layer files, and help documents. Also included in the package is a tutorial that includes an ArcMap document and sample data.
To install Wild Planner simply copy the entire contents of the distribution disc to a local or network drive making sure to copy the entire directory structure. If Wild Planner is obtained as a zip file, simply unzip the file to the desired folder and the proper directory structure will be created. The tutorial folder can be moved to a different location without affecting the toolbox function, or deleted if the tutorial is no longer needed.


Brent L. Brock, Landscape Ecologist
Craighead Institute
201 S Wallace Ave, STE B2D
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 585-8705
info at craigheadresearch dot org

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ArcGIS.com Core Toolset

ArcGIS.com Tutorial Package (580 mb zip)

Example Screenshot: Evaluate Movement Landscape Tool: d

Access and Use Constraints:
This is a beta release of Wild Planner which is still being tested and frequent revisions are expected. It was developed for ArcGIS 9.3 but updated to run in ArcGIS10 although testing for the newer version has been limited. No warranty is implied regarding the use of this software. Wildplanner may be freely download, used, copied, and distributed without express permission of the author for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only provided the author is acknowledged in all materials produced using these tools.

CITATION: Brock, B.L. 2011. Wild Planner: wildlife tools for land use planning. Craighead Institute. Bozeman, MT, USA.

3-Scale & Time
4-Land Cover
5-Land Use
6-Focal Species
7-Habitats: Terrestrial
8-Habitats: Marine/Aq
9-Habitat Cores
11-Viability Analysis
13-Climate Change
14-Processes & Tools

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