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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software) Note on email addresses: as much as possible we try to make them unreadable by spam programs, by inserting characters before the address, such as "%20", "?", "mailto:" or "email:". just delete these before using

General Links Pages

(Most links entries have moved to their relevant sections such as conservation, international, etc)
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory "Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine"
Community of Science Search Engine . "Community of Science is a collaborative network of scientists and their institutions. Our goal is simple—to accelerate science and promote the visibility and funding of scientific research."
FairNet, Inc. Ak e99 . () . "FairNet Mission is to "build and strengthen existing communities through shared and integrated information services." This means we live to collaborate, and collaborate to live. We promote computer, and telecommunications literacy, and support access to electronic information for all people. " Look for their Online IMS mapping .

Global Action and Information Network (GAIN) (GAIN 740 Front St. (Suite 355) Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Voice: 408-457-0130 Fax: 408-457-0133 email: Alternate Site ) Mission: to provide high quality information to inspire, support, and encourage the most effective actions possible for sustainability and environmental preservation. National Environmental Directory: Regional environmental directories which together will form a comprehensive national environmental directory database. Each regional directory lists and describes nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other organizations concerned with environmental education and action: New England Environmental Directory: (order the book)830 listings, 173 pages, Great Lakes Environmental Directory: 3,170 listings, 566 pages,

Institute for Global Communications . IGC's five online communities of activists and organizations: PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, ConflictNet, and WomensNet, are gateways to articles, headlines, features, and weblinks on progressive issues. EcoNet: a decade of support for ecological sustainability and environmental justice. IGC: Habitats & Species: Internet-Resources Collection

U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center WWW-GIS Links Page . (Contact: Douglas Caldwell CETEC-TR-G COMM: (703) 428-6802; DSN: 328-6802 ) This HUGE page provides pointers to key Internet GIS WWW resources, including on-line data.

The WWW Virtual Library . Arthur Secret, coordinator . The WWW Virtual Library Project was started at CERN in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee to keep track of the development of the World Wide Web that he had just created.

Copernic Search Engine (Agents Technologies Corporation) "The product searches 18 content-specific channel sets of leading Web sites by categorizing the most relevant sites, newsgroups and other Internet data in a given content area, such as sports or personal finance, and enables users to customize by adding or prioritizing search targets. In addition, the software has the capacity to simultaneously search 133 of the most important engines and direct specific channels."

ecolog-l Archives . ( hosts and archives mailing lists for non-profit environmental organizations for a service fee.) "To subscribe to the Ecolog-l mailing list: 1) Address a letter to 2) Leave the subject blank 3) Type sub ecolog-l your name in the body of the letter "

consbio Archives . ( hosts and archives mailing lists for non-profit environmental organizations for a service fee.) "The Conservation Biology List (CONSBIO) is for members of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and others interested in the goal and objectives of the Society: Our goal is to help develop the scientific and technical means for the protection, maintenance, and restoration of life on this planet - its species, its ecological and evolutionary processes, and its particular total environment....To subscribe, send mail to the address:
With the one-line message:
subscribe consbio your full name
for example:
subscribe consbio Joan Doe
Owner: Preston D. Hardison Department of Psychology NI-25 University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195 "

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