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(ECP operates a nationwide grant program to all US National Parks, which has helped take the service from just a few GIS-enabled parks at the start of the program to over 200 GIS-capable parks today (1999), and growing. Thanks to support from the NPS GIS office in Colorado and a national network of NPS technical coordinators, GIS applications in the parks have exploded in recent years, as the list of papers and online maps below will show. ECP also grants to state parks, and all other types of protected areas and reserves worldwide.

(ECP and CTSP grantees and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. )

California State Parks Page, Ca . p

George Wright Society, Mi . p

Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation Wi e99 . p

Instituto Nacional de Parques, (Inparques), Venezuela e98 . p

National Parks and Conservation Association, Dc . p

The National Park Trust, Dc . p

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, Ny, c98 . p

Rails to Trails Conservancy, Dc c99 . p

US NPS National Park Service Parks List. . p

US NPS Cultural Resources Heritage Preservation Services . p

US NPS Cultural Resources Mapping & GIS Division . p

US NPS National GIS Program: . p

US NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program, . p

US NPS-USGS National Vegetation Mapping Program . p

US NPS Nature Net: NPS Park Ecological and Resources News/Data . p

US NPS Bandelier National Monument e95 . p

US NPS Capitol Reef National Park, UT e97 . p

US NPS Colonial National Historical Park, Va e97 . p

US NPS Golden Gate National Recreation Area, CA, e98 . p

US NPS Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hi e98: . p

US NPS Joshua Tree National Park, Ca e97. . p

US NPS Lava Beds National Monument, Ca e97 . p

US NPS: Point Reyes National Seashore, Ca e96 . p

US NPS Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks, Ca e94 . p

US NPS Voyageurs National Park, Mn e97 . p

US NPS Yellowstone National Park Spatial Analysis Center, Ca e98 . p

US NPS Yosemite National Park e91 . p



An Example of GIS Applications in Public Policy: Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site Management Zoning Scheme As Defined in the Site’s General Management Plan . pp

Applications of GIS Analysis for Natural Resource Management at the National Biological Service's Southern Science Center . pp

Approaching the Virtual Landscape of Yellowstone National Park: Integrating Spatial Analysis with the Process of Scientific Discovery to Create a Soils Resource Inventory . pp

The Computer Automation of Land Status within the National Wildlife Refuges of Alaska . pp

Enhancing Natural and Cultural Resources Management by Integrating GIS Capabilities with Park Operations . pp

Geographic Information System Approach to Trails Management in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. . pp

GIS and a New National Park: The Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar . pp

GIS Solutions Creating and Managing Metadata in an ArcView GIS Environment . pp

Georeferencing Field Data with only 2 GPS points: . pp

Interactive Application of GIS During the Vision Wildfire At Point Reyes National Seashore . pp

Landscape and Fire Ecology Studies at Bandelier National Monument and the Jemez Mts . pp

Landscape Changes in the Southwestern United States: Techniques, Long-term Data Sets, and Trends . pp

Long-term Ecological Monitoring and Ecosystem Studies at Bandelier National Monument and the Jemez Mountains . pp

Making GIS Work in a Desert Park . pp

Monitoring Natural Resources in our National Parks . pp

Restoration of Bighorn Sheep Metapopulations In and Near 15 National Parks: Conservation of a Severely Fragmented Species . pp

Using GIS For General Management Planning at the Gettysburg National Military Park . pp

Using GIS and Remote Sensing for Wildland Fire Management in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area . pp

Watershed Restoration in Degraded Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands . pp



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