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Application of GIS to Home Range Analysis in the Island Scrub Jay . bp

Applying GAP Analysis Data to Land Use Planning and Development of a Bioinfo Node . gp

Applying GIS and Remote Sensing to Avian Research: A Case Study on the Ouachita National Forest . bp

Applying the MCLP Model to Select Reserves: Using the ArcInfo GIS . ap

ArcInfo Applications in the Antarctic Program of the National Science Foundation . gp

ArcInfo GIS Applications and Models for the Conservation of Fossil and Cultural Resources at the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona . ap



Beyond Mapping: Using Gis For Natural Resource Assessment And Analysis . ap

The California Biodiversity Project: Linking a GIS Model with the Planning Process . cp

The California Biodiversity Project: Selection and Use of Biodiversity Indicators . cp

Characterizing Error in a Presettlement Vegetation Map . ap

Classifying topographically similar landscape units using digital terrain surfaces and multivariate analysis within a geographic information system . ap

Computerization of the Biological Survey Locality File and geographical coding of the Vertebrate Collections in the National Museum, . gp

Conservation and Recovery Planning in the San Joaquin Valley . cp

CONSERVATION GAP: Applying GAP Analysis to Small Area Management: Two Projects from Idaho . gp

Decision Support Tools for Natural Resource, Nature Conservation and Environmental Management in South Africa . ap

Developing a Natural Resource Database for Geographic Information System, . ap


Ecoregions of Alaska . ap

Ecosystem Characterization and Assessment in the Interior Columbia River Basin . gp

Evolution of a Regional Vegetation Prediction Model . ap

Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing Techniques, and GPS-based Field Verification Methodologies for Mapping Vegetation Change at Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona. . ap

GIS Based Ecosystem Indicators for National and Subnational Assessment . ap

GIS for Environmental Management: A Hierarchical Database Structure . ap

A GIS framework for modelling wildlife species distributions . ap

GIS in the Grassroots: The Role for Universities . ap

Global and Local Spatial Statistical Analysis In A GIS Environment: An Example From A Semi-Arid Landscape . ap

The Global Demography Project . ap

Global Positioning Systems, Geographical Information Systems, and Field Mapping Techniques to Support the Development of a National Biological Information Infrastructure Node at the USGS-BRD Cooperative Park Studies Unit, University of Arizona . ap

GRID-Based Multivariate Analysis of Vegetation Distributions in the Spring Mountains of Southern Nevada: Integrating Canonical Correspondence Analysis and GIS . ap

Hierarchical representation of species distributions for biological survey and monitoring. . ap

High-Value Natural Resources Identification Using GRID . ap

Hydrologic and Hydrographic Database Design in Support of Anadromous Fisheries Restoration Planning . cp

Implementation of the Pacific Northwest Forest Plan: An Example of Interorganizational GIS Coordination . gp

Information Center for the Environment: Public Access to Natural Resource Data . gp

Insolation, Precipitation, and Moisture Maps for a Virginia Geographic Information System, . ap

Interactive CD Product for the National Biological Survey Gap Analysis Program . gp

Interagency Cooperation in Info Management: Why, Why Not, and some ideas on How . gp

-Introduction to the Gap Analysis Program (GAP) . gp

Land Condition and Vegetation Trend Analysis Using ArcView Version 2.1 and Avenue . ap

Louisiana GAP Analysis Project: Usage of Auxiliary Data Sets . gp

Mapping Current Land Cover In Virginia, . ap

Migration Maps for Some North American Neotropical Migrants, . bp


Multi-scale analysis of bird species relationships . bp

National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Papers. . ap

Procedures for collection, analysis, and display of data collected at several geographic scales . gp

Promoting a Free Access or Minimal Cost of Dissemination Arrangement for Government-Held Geographic Information Systems Data . gp

A Proposed Protocol for Identifying Potential Research Natural Areas with Gap Analysis Data . gp

Reserve selection as a maximal covering location problem. . ap

New Horizon for Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories . ap

San Jacinto Mountain Forest Stewardship GIS: The ArcView Mac Solution . ap

Scaling from Trees to Forests: Analysis of a Complex Simulation Model . ap

The Southern Appalachian Assessment GIS . gp

A Spatial Modeling and Decision Support System for Conservation of Biological Diversity . ap

A Strategy for Managing Geographic Analysis and Cartography In a Major Ecological Research Project . ap

Supporting Search for Spatial Data on the Internet: What it means to be a Clearinghouse Node . gp

Systematic reserve selection in the USA: an example from the Columbia Plateau ecoregion . ap

UCSB IBM ERP Related Publications . ap

Using GIS for Automated Selection of Significant Natural Areas of California . gp

Virtual GIS and Ecosystem Assessment in the Klamath Province, California-Oregon . cp

Wilderness Quality Mapping in the Euro-Actic Barents Region . ap

The Wilderness Society's Center for Landscape Analysis: Outreach and Cooperation Efforts . gp

Your Right to Know in the UK . gp


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