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(ECP and CTSP grantees and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. )

Alaska Marine Conservation Council Ak c97 . m

California Ocean Resources Management Program . m

Catalina Island Conservancy, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island CA e94 . m

Center for Marine Conservation e97 . m

Center for Marine and Environmental Analyses e94 . m
Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce, Astoria OR e94 . m

Cook Inlet Keeper Ak c98 . m

Coral Cay Conservation e94 . m

CRC Reef Research Centre . m

Davy Jones Locker! Seafloor Mapping, Marine & Coastal GIS . m

Elkhorn Slough Foundation, Watsonville CA c96 . m

Florida Marine Research Institute: . m

Friends of Casco Bay Baykeeper, South Portland , ME e94 . m

Galveston Bay Foundation, Tx e97 . m

Heal The Bay, Ca e98 . m

Large Marine Ecosystems of the World Site . m

Lithuanian Institute of Ecology, Baltic Sea Birds project . m

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Ca e91 . m

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Ca e98 . m

New England Aquarium, Boston MA c95 . m

OCEAN98 . m

Oceanic Resource Foundation, Ca . m

People for Puget Sound, Seattle WA c96 . m

Prince William Sound Science Center, Cordova , AK e95 . m

Reef Check . m
Restore America's Estuaries . m

San Francisco Estuary Institute, Richmond CA e93 . m

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, Ca e98 . m

Save The Bay, Providence RI c96 . m

Save the Sound, Inc., Stamford CT c97 . m

SEAGIS Coastal and Ocean GIS Distribution List . m

Surfrider Foundation, Ca c98 . m

Tampa Baywatch, St. Petersburg FL c97 . m

University of California, Santa Cruz, Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) . m

USFWS Gulf of Maine Project . m

US NOAA ORCA Coastal Assessment Framework (CAF) . m

US NOAA Coastal Services Center . m

US NOAA National Ocean Service Special Projects Office . m

US NOAA Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment (ORCA) . m

US NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). . m

US NOAA National Status and Trends (NS&T) Program . m

US NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory . m

US NOAA VENTS Online Geographic Information System (GIS): . m

White Point Systems, Inc. . m

Wisconsin Coastal GIS Applications Project . m

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WWW Server . m


ArcGMT: A suite of tools for conversion between ArcInfoŽ and Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) . mp

The Bay Area EcoAtlas Toolbox: Making a Regional GIS . mp

The Customization of ArcView as a Real-Time Tool for Oceanographic Research . mp

Developing Manatee GIS Using ArcView Avenue. . mp


Facilitating Integrated Regional Ocean Management Using a Web-based Geographic Information System . mp

The Florida Marine Spill Analysis System - Using GIS to Support Marine Oil Spill Response in Florida . mp

Geographic Information Systems for RIDGE Research . mp

GIS Europe Special Issue on Marine GIS . mp

The GIS Methodology Applied for a Statewide Assessment of Propeller Scar Damage in Seagrasses (Florida) . mp

Identifying Regions of Persistent Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) Around Santa Catalina Island for Designation as Marine Reserves . mp

Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems . mp

Coral Reef Ecology and Geographic information Science. . mp

NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) Use of GPS-Linked Field Computers for the Columbia River Estuary Change Detection Project . mp


Rumblings on the ocean floor: GIS supports deepsea research . mp

Using Geographic Information Systems and Hazards Information for Local Planning and Coastal Management .. mp







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