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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software)

Adams County Land Conservancy Pa CT98 . (Land Conservancy of Adams County, PO Box 4584 Gettysburg, PA 17325 tel:(717) 334-2828 FAX (717) 334-2837 GIS Contact: Curt Musselman ) "Within our first two years of incorporation, the LCAC has received donations of fee-simple title or conservation easements for nine tracts totaling over 250 acres of land. Our five-year goal is to have 2000 acres of donated easements...The primary use of GIS that the LCAC has made to date, has been to bring together the geographic information required when preparing a baseline report of conditions for conservation easements. So far, we have used digital orthophotos to make measures of impervious areas, and have shown property lines, soils units, wetlands and zoning classifications on a digital orthophoto background. "

American Chestnut Land Trust Md . (1 Aspen Road Post Office Box 204 Port Republic, MD 20676 (410) 586-1570 Fax: (410) 586-0468 GIS contact Arthur Cochran) "As of fall 1997 ACLT had acquired title to 625 acres in the watershed and facilitated in the protection of an additional 1100+ acres by the Nature Conservancy, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and other private landowners....While continuing to work on acquisition and protection of remaining critical tracts of land within the Parkers Creek Watershed, the ACLT finds its efforts increasingly directed toward land management. In addition to managing its own property, ACLT has accepted stewardship responsibility for 539 acres owned by TNC and DNR, with an additional 300 acres to be added soon. The Trust would like to develop watershed-wide ecosystem management plans. "

American Farmland Trust . (1200 18th Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036, tel:202-331-7300 fax:202-659-8339 "For the past 17 years, American Farmland Trust has worked to protect our nation's best farmland while encouraging farmers to improve the stewardship of their land. AFT was one of the first NGO's to study GIS. Top 20 threatened agricultural regions (with maps of each) . Excellent on-line map collection under : Farmland Information Library, Maps: . Percent Change in Cropland Area, 1982-1992 Percent Area in Developed Land, 1992 Percent Area in Prime Farmland, 1992 Graphic Highlights of Natural Resource Trends in the U.S. between 1982 and 1992, Farming on the Edge Map, Sonoma County [CA] AT RISK Assessment,DuPage County Zoning Map of Unincorporated Areas, Chesapeake Bay and Vicinity, Color Landform Atlas of the United States. Don't miss their publication Sprawl and Smart Growth in California: "This case study finds that inefficient suburban development - low-density "sprawl" - is consuming far more of California's unique agricultural land than is necessary to accommodate its growing population." (to order, contact Erik Vink, 530-753-1073,, as well as many similar studies on other parts of the USA. See also "Saving the Farm: A Handbook for Conserving Agricultural Land" and Farmland Protection Toolbox

American River Conservancy, Coloma CA cm97 .(8913 HIGHWAY 49, P.O. BOX 562 COLOMA, CA 95613 Tel:(530) 621-1224 FAX (530) 621-4818 EMAIL: "The American River Conservancy is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and enhance natural habitats where biodiversity can flourish; and to promote, through environmental education, a broad ethic of stewardship, assuring healthy ecosystems now and for future generations. "

The Berks County Conservancy Pa e98 . ( 960 Old Mill Road Wyomissing, PA 19610 610 372-4992 FAX 372-2917 Gis Contact: Joe Hoffman ) "established as a non-profit membership organization in 1974, with a mission to preserve Berks County's unique cultural and environmental heritage for the benefit of future generations. To fulfill that mission we have focused our efforts on preserving agricultural land and open space; protecting the quality of our streams and ground water; preserving historic landmarks and scenic landscapes and by promoting those values which contribute to a sustainable future for our community." see their Land Preservation Maps .

The Big Sur Land Trust Ca e98 . (PO Box 221864 Carmel, CA 93922 (831) 625-5523 fax(831) 625-0716 e-mail: Gis contact: Maggie Hardy ) "The mission of the Big Sur Land Trust is to protect for public benefit lands in Monterey County that are significant as natural habitat, open space, agricultural, watershed and recreational property....The purpose of our GIS is to map existing Big Sur Land Trust acquisitions and other publicly and privately held land at the parcel level. The maps are used for presentation purposes and included in project grant proposals as well as in the monitoring process of our lands. In monitoring, it is necessary to map natural resources, endangered species, visual sensitivity and any changes in the land...Since its inception in 1978, The Big Sur Land Trust has completed 85 transactions and acquired over 15, 000 acres of pristine wilderness in Monterey County. "

Calusa Land Trust, St. James City, FL c95. (Peter Ordway, Calusa Land Trust and Nature Preserve, P.O.Box 747, 6715 Rockaway Drive, Bokeelia, FL 33922 Just beginning work on South Florida Water management district primary data based on 1995 overflights.

Catawba Lands Conservancy, Charlotte NC cs97 . (105 West Morehead Street Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: (704) 342-3330 FAX: (704) 342-3340 GIS Contacts: Jack Drost, Susan Cox) "Catawba Lands Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the land, water and wildlife resources of the Lower Catawba River Basin of North Carolina....We were able to use our CTSP GIS software grant in selecting and prioritizing sites for acquisition, and we made maps of all of our priority acquisition sites. These maps have been very effective in communicating our goals and our activities to various audiences. We produced a set of baseline geographic layers for the monitoring and management of an individual acquisition site. We acquired all of the GIS layers required for our mapping and analysis projects, excepting those that are not available and a few that are cost-prohibitive. Through trial-and-error we have been able to deal with most of the problems we have encountered with our GIS. Lack of data for certain areas has been the most significant difficulty that we have encountered.

Center for Natural Lands Management, Inc., Sacramento CA cm95 .(425 E. Alvarado Street, Suite H, Fallbrook, CA 92028-2960 tel:(760) 731-7790 FAX: (760) 731-7791 . GIS Contact: Brenda Pace, Administrative Director, 60738 Golf Village Loop Drive Bend, OR 97701 tel:(541)330-5533 fax:(541)330-5563 "The main purpose of CNLM is to manage habitat parcels in such a way as to maintain their biodiversity. CNLM manages land parcels by taking fee title or easements to conservation and mitigation lands that would normally be retained by the developer, donated to city or county parks or lighting and irrigation districts, public works, local land trusts, or even state or federal resource agencies....The Property Assessment Program was developed to evaluate the biological needs and agency permit requirements of land parcels prior to acquisition or management by CNLM...The Property Analysis Record (PAR) is a new, easy-to-use tool for developing accurate estimates of stewardship and endowment needs for natural areas....CNLM is active in both land management and the development of management plans for agencies and organizations....The Sustainable Conservation Planning Program:..The program consists of seminars presented to conservation planners to forecast the tasks and costs of stewardship." GIS STATUS: "We are embarking on a plan that we call ECOS to link monitoring and management database tables with GIS. As stewards of over 40,000 conservation acres throughout California, we need such a system to manage efficiently and effectively. ".

Coastal Land Trust, Mendocino CA e94 c98 . (27401 Albion Ridge Rd, PO Box 340, Albion, CA, 95410, tel:707-937-2709 fax:707-937-4520 "Coastal Land Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to preservation of natural lands, establishment of public access trails, land management and restoration, environmental research, and education." They are working on watershed and water quality monitoring on the Albion, Navarro, Big, and Noyo rivers and the Pacific coastline on Mendocino Coast." GIS PLAN: "develop a central Coast GIS Lab as a central repository of GIS coverages for the coastal watersheds. The Coast GIS lab would develop the capability for creating local-level coverages dealing with specific issues on the coast, and for "clipping" specific watershed coverages for use by our associated groups. "

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples FL c95 . (The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, 1450 Merrihue Drive Naples, FL 34102, tel:(941) 262-0304 email: "To conserve the biodiversity, environmental quality, and natural resources of Southwest Florida's native ecosystems for present and future generations." Have assisted with the protection of over 300,000 acres so far.

Deschutes Basin Land Trust, Or (2445 NE Division St. Suite 204, Bend OR 97701 USA Brad Chalfant, Executive Director)

Dutchess Land Conservancy, Millbrook NY e92 . (RR2, Box 13, Route 44 West, Millbrook , NY , 12545, USA, TEL:914-677-3002 , FAX:914-677-3008 , email: GIS Contact: Art Collings) "Founded in 1987, Currently holds conservation easements on 10,000 acres of land in upstate New York and promotes open space planning and conservation education in Dutchess County...Land Conservancy (DLC) is an conservation land trust with an active and successful program in a beautiful region of the New York's Hudson River Valley that is highly threatened by sprawling development extending north from New York City. "GIS Plans: "DLC is in the initial stages of transferring some of our mapping and planning workload to GIS. DLC currently creates a large volume of maps/resource inventories/landscape analyses on a professional but time consuming basis with hand graphics. "

All text by the respective organizations, January 2, 1997

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