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Sites of interest for mapping/GIS

(Legend: CTSP sites are coded "c" plus the year of the grant, (cs=software, cm=mac), ECP grantees are coded "e". Many groups, especially newer grantees, do not yet have their own sites and are colored green. Other new groups may be described or supported by other sites)

DataPlus, Moscow . (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Str., 10, Moscow, 123810, Russia; phone (095)254-9335; phone/fax (095)254-8895,, .Russian Language Site) . "The Joint Venture Company Data+ was established over six years ago (13, February, 1992) by the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), and the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Redlands, California, USA). At present DATA+ has 35 full-time and about 30 part-time employees. The leading employees of the Joint Venture are geographers, cartographers and specialists in GIS....Digital maps of different scales in ARC/INFO format produced by DATA+, its partners and subdistributors are widely used for creating thematic databases and cadasters. Their complete list is available in Data+. Here it is worth mentioning maps of Moscow (1:35 000) and the Moscow Region (1:500 000), a map of Russia (1:8 000 000), several layers of ArcRussia (1:2 500 000), maps of some areas of Russia (1:200 000) by GlavNIVTS, maps of the cities of Tomsk, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Izhevsk, Gelendzhik, Krasnoyarsk and Taganrog, regional integrated GIS of the Altai Krai, the Sverdlovsk, Moscow and Ryazan Regions, a digital model of Saint Petersburg (Aerogeodezia), several-layer maps of Bashkiria and its capital Ufa."

Fund for 21st Century Altai e97 . (Russia 656015 Barnaul PO Box 845 phone +7(3852)22-0908 ) . We are non-governmental organization, and we work on environmental, cultural and science matters in Altai Krai and the Altai Republic in southwestern Siberia....Our main purpose in using GIS is to provide competent analysis and modeling of natural processes affected by human activity. The lab is currently working or planning to work on several ecological projects: Katun National Park creation proposal, Katun river dam (power station) project opposition, hydrozine fuel pollution, forest analysis...Our most recent highlight is receiving the annual Environmental Award of the Conde Nast Traveler magazine in September 1997.The Fund for 21st Century Altai is one of only a few organizations in Siberia that use computer Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their activities.

Indira Gandhi Conservation Centre . (Dr S.K.Puri at . "the Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre (IGCMC) has been established as a major national facility by WWF-India. The aim of the Centre is to support conservation and sustainable development by providing information to government agencies and NGOs, thereby assisting in the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity. This goal will be achieved by developing and maintaining databases on India's environment, especially indigenous flora/fauna, habitats of conservation importance including wetlands, national parks and other protected areas, and trade in threatened species of wild flora and fauna."....Application of GIS and RS Techniques: "...It is therefore intended to develop Geographic Information Systems for the protected areas in the country so that the requisite spatial information becomes available to resource managers and planners. Similar work is planned for wetlands, degraded forests and other important ecosystems. Adequate hardware and software facilities are being set up in the Centre to take up the above mentioned activities. Development of GIS databases for ten protected areas (PAs) in the country has already been taken up. These databases will provide useful inputs for effective eco-development and management planning. The selected PAs are: Buxa Tiger Reserve (TR), Nagarahole NP, Gir NP, Great Himalayan NP, Kalakad Mundanthurai TR, Palamau TR, Pench TR, Periyar TR, Ranthambhore TR and Similipal TR. "

Ranthambhore Foundation . (Valmik Thapar, 19 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021, India. ) "Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India's Rajasthan State is world-famous for its spectacular tigers and great natural beauty. Several television films have brought Ranthambhore into the homes of millions all over the world. But Ranthambhore is the epitome of a natural reserve under almost irresistible pressure from surrounding human settlements and activities...."

Slovenian Centre For Cartography Of Fauna And Flora . (ANTOLICICEVA 1,-SI-2204 MIKLAVZ NA DRAVSKEM POLJU, SLOVENIA, Phone:XX-386-62-691-855, Fax: XX-386-62-691-855, email, Contact Mladen.Kotarac) --The Centre was just founded (November 1996) and registered (January 1997). Mapping of the dragonfly (Odonata) fauna in Slovenia Atlas for the Slovenian Dragonfly Society scheduled to appear in May/June 1997. Dragonflies (Odonata): mapped per site (currently point), 1560 localities, 12051 records (90% unpublished field data, 4 %data from collections, 6% data extracted from literature) -Amphibians (Amphibia): mapped per site (currently point), 419 localities, 2117 records (100% field data, literature and collections not extracted yet) -Stoneflies (Plecoptera), Caddisflies (Trichoptera), Butterflies (Lepidoptera): alltogether cca. 15.000 records: mostly not accurately georeferenced, various quality and digital formats (Excel, Access, QuatroPro, Paradox) and some 20.000 in the field notebooks. -Higher plants: 9700 mostly not accurately georeferenced in various digital formats (Excel, Access), and a huge data mountain in the field notebooks of collaborators, the same applies for literature and herbaria). --

Zapovedniks Environmental Education Centre . (Natalia Danilina, the Director of Centre "Zapovedniks", Vice-chair of WCPA/IUCN ) ."The "Zapovedniks" Environmental Education Centre is a public non-profit organization whose overall aim is to improve public awareness of protected areas as a natural heritage in which to take pride, and to help recognize the key role of zapovedniks and national parks in the protection of the Russia nature biodiversity. The "Zapovedniks" Environmental Education Centre unites professionals from Zapovedniks and National Parks to encourage the support of protected areas in Russia. The Centre "Zapovedniks" is a coordinating team initially established to implement the WWF Education Project in Moscow and 30 on-site branches in protected natural areas (PAs) in different regions of Russia which conduct environmental education outreach activities with local residents. The total staff numbers more than 300 people." Don't Miss: "ZAPOVEDNIKS AND NATIONAL PARKS OF RUSSIA" By: N.M.Zabelina, L.S.Isaeva-Petrova, L.V.Kuleshova Sponsored by: Federal Edological Foundation of the Russia Federation Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fishes, Derectorate for Nature Management, of the Netherlands World Wide Fund for Nature: "The Reference Book contains information about 99 state nature zapovedniks and 33 national parks of Russia. The book is designed for Russian and foreign specialists in nature conservation and zapovednik management, school teachers, teachers and students of ecological faculties of higher school and also a wide range of readers. " BRANCHES includes a clickable map of all russian reserves.


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