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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software)

American Forests, Wash DC e93.(910 17th St. NW, Washington DC 20006 tel:(202)-955-4500 , Contact: Alice Ewen . to join, call 1-800-368-5748) . "Established in 1875, American Forests is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to improving the environment through the protection and planting of trees. Our Urban Forestry Center uses remote sensing and GIS to track vegetation trends and to quantify the value of trees in urban areas. See our Puget Sound Report to learn more about urban ecosystem analysis and CITYgreen, an ArcView application that helps communities determine the dollar value of local natural resources. Our Forest Policy Center provides policy information and promotes sustainable forest management through community-based ecosystem management programs. Our Global ReLeaf Center creates on-the-ground opportunities for people to improve the environment through the planting of trees in ecosystem restoration projects. With non-profit partners in 20 countries, Global ReLeaf is working to plant 20 million trees by the year 2000. " . GIS Programs: Regional Ecosystem Analysis . " Through the use of Geographic Information Systems technology, AMERICAN FORESTS is helping city managers understand that trees are worth their attention. The Urban Ecosystem Analysis is a process developed by AMERICAN FORESTS that uses a combination of satellite data, GIS technology, and field surveys to document the value of trees in cities and towns. "(see under papers, below) . CITYgreen Software: "CITYgreen is a GIS software application that helps people understand the value of trees to the local environment. Planners and natural resources professionals use the program to test landscape ordinances, evaluate site plans and model development scenarios that capture the benefits of trees. CITYgreen is a GIS solution available to your own community."(for more info see under Methods&Software). Don't miss their Five-Step Plan to Combat Sprawl .

Gifford Pinchot Task Force, Wa c98 ( Gifford Pinchot Task Force, 3932 Biscay St NW, Olympia WA 98502 . or:. PO Box 84542 Vancouver WA 98664-0542 tel360-866-7551 fax:360-786-5054 "Since 1985 the Gifford Pinchot Task Force (GPTF) has been the leading conservation group monitoring Gifford Pinchot National Forest (GPNF) management activities, and the only group continually active in all GPNF issues...The GPNF is a key forest as it has the second-largest timber sale program in the Nation and continues to implement controversial projects that include logging old-growth forests, impacts to riparian zones, and incursion into roadless areas....We have found that the maps we make using GIS have been extremely instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. The most recent example of how GIS has been a positive influence was when we presented our proposed management plan for 144,000 acres of the GPNF known as the Cispus Adaptive Management Area. Using ArcInfo software, US Forest Service data and Green River Community College computers we generated a series of GIS coverages comparing our proposed option to agency options. A key map which greatly influenced the decision makers (resulting in a 13 to 1 vote selecting our option) was one which overlaid the existing road system over the agency's preferred option, and then buffered the road system 450' on each side of each road (edge effect) visually displaying the impact the roads had on interior forest conditions and forest fragmentation. " see also Roadless Areas Overview Maps which includes dozens of detailed roadless analysis maps..

Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Ca c98 . (P.O. Box 1580, Redway, CA. 95560-1580 or 101 Coombs Mill Road, Piercy, CA. 95587 tel:(707) 247-1101 fax:(707) 247-3555 Contact: Jude Wait, Executive Director, ) "ISF has been building a model for sustainable, watershed-based, community economic development for over 7 years. This model addresses the controversies surrounding forest management, by creating an alternative model, and creates bridges and common ground solutions to resource depletion and watershed degradation. Founding members, advisors and constituents of ISF include foresters, environmentalists, tree-planters, watershed and fisheries restorationists, veterans, business leaders, loggers, landowners and forest-product businesses -- who have the common goals of facilitating leading edge solutions to age-old problems....Through a local stakeholder process, ISF developed the 10 Elements of Sustainability as the basis for the Pacific Certified Ecological Forest Products program. Certification, now implemented in partnership with the international SmartWood Program, provides environmentally acceptable forest management standards, creates market advantage and consumer appeal, and provides an incentive for landowners to practice good forestry." ACHIEVEMENTS: "ISF developed the forest classification map layer and the growth and yield model for the Headwaters Forest Stewardship Plan (Pacific Lumber lands), produced by the Trees Foundation. ISF inventoried, mapped, and analyzed the forest resources on the Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness, which contributed to the conservation easement governing management of that 3000 acre coastal area in Mendocino County. ISF conducted inventory and harvest projections for our Economic Benefits feasiblity study, which shows that small-scale sustainable forestry is viable in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, given the implementation of our strategies on non-industrial forest lands. ISF Forestry staff and consultants have conducted reconnaisance parcel evaluations for over 50 landowners in the area, and have completed ecosystem inventories for 4 long term management plans encompassing 1000 acres. "

International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Austria . (c/o Federal Forest Research Institute Seckendorff- Gudent-Weg 8 A-1131 Vienna Austria Tel: +43-1-8770151/ Fax: +43-1-8779355 E-mail office: . "IUFRO is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists. Its objectives are to promote international cooperation in forestry and forest products research. IUFRO's activities are organized primarily through its 268 specialized Units in 8 technical Divisions". . Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring Newsletter : covers: Statistics, Mathematics, and Computers; Remote Sensing and GIS

Malaysian Timber Council . (18th Floor, Menara PGRM Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Tel : + 603 - 981 1999 Fax : + 603 - 982 8999 E-mail : URL: ) "OBJECTIVES: addressing the supply requirements of logs and other raw materials for processing mills in Peninsular Malaysia, promoting the timber trade in the light of global environmental considerations, providing information, training and technical services to the industry as supplementary efforts undertaken by public agencies, promoting and participating in the commercial establishment of forest plantations addressing issues and undertaking projects of importance to the timber industry. see: GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF FOREST MANAGEMENT FOR CERTIFICATION and AGREED RECORDS OF DISCUSSIONS BETWEEN MALAYSIAN FORESTRY AND TIMBER ORGANISATIONS AND FOREST STEWARDSIHP COUNCIL (FSC) REGARDING TIMBER CERTIFICATION: "The National Timber Certification Council, Malaysia (NTCC) started its operation on 1 January 1999 to establish and administer an independent third party Malaysian timber certification scheme. The scheme will allow the independent NTCC to issue certificates to timber products sourced from forests that meet forest management certification standards."

Native Forest Council, Or c98 . (P.O. Box 2171 Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 688-2600 "is the uncompromising leader in national forest and watershed protection. With over 95% of our nation's forests already cut down, the Native Forest Council is working to save all of what's left. The Native Forest Council utilizes ethical, moral, religious, and eco-economic arguments to protect, preserve and recover our nation's national forests and watersheds, and end corporate welfare destructive to the public health and well being. " GIS PROGRESS: "Scientists maintain that without "fundamental changes" in private forest practices, salmon spawning habitat, along with crucial seasonal runs and the community economies that have historically depended on them, will dwindle into extinction. Two main changes must occur in private forest practices: deforestation and landslides must be stopped by leaving a certain number of trees on slopes and riparian zones must be protected from logging....GIS mapping and analysis of model forest areas will be crucial to the success of any reform initiatives and the supportive educational campaigns. " . SEARCH .

Silva Forest Foundation, British Colombia, Canada c99 . (P.O. Box 9, Slocan Park, B.C. V0G 2E0; Phone: 604-226-7222 Fax: 604-226-7446 Email to: ) The Silva Forest Foundation, (SFF), is a nonprofit charitable organization based in the West Kootenay of British Columbia, Canada.. The board and staff of the SFF are scientists and activists with decades of experience in working with rural communities to develop diverse forest uses which protect, maintain and restore forests.GIS is a major part of the SFF's work. Currently: We have just completed a GIS ecosystem based landscape plan for the Slocan Valley, where we live. We are nearing completion of a similar landscape plan for Cortes Island in the Gulf of Georgia, working in partnership with the Cortes Island Forestry Committee. We are just starting work on another analysis in the Robson Valley area, working with the Dunster Community Association. Proposals for study areas from the Yukon to Labrador are under development.

U of Washington College of Forest Resources, Wa . (Box 352100, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-2100 (206.543.2730) Email --, Web -- ) "One of the World's Best Forestry Programs, Number one graduate program and seventh best undergraduate program according to the 7th Revised Edition of the Gourman Report"

All text by the respective organizations, January 2, 1997

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