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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software)

California Biodiversity Council, Ca e93 .(California Biodiversity Council 1416 9th Street, Room 1311 Sacramento, CA 95814 tel: (916) 227-2661 Fax: (916) 227-2672 email: "An Executive Council to develop guiding principles and policies, design a statewide strategy to conserve biological diversity, and coordinate implementation of this strategy through regional and local institutions.California Biodiversity and the Bioregions: Bioregional overviews - Interesting facts such as wildlife, plants, places to visit, and more!, Map of the bioregions, Ecosystem Management: An Organizing Principle for Land Use, Bioregion-based directory of watershed groups and their homepages.
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH), Ca . (2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 548-2220 "BACH is a coalition group comprised of concerned individuals as well as members from Bay Area organizations such as the Ecology Center of Berkeley, Earth First, the Rose Foundation, Sierra Club Ancient Forest Committee, and others. It operates through the Ecology Center of Berkeley." .
California Coastal Conservancy, Ca . (1330 Broadway, 11th Floor Oakland, CA 94612 phone - (510)286-1015 fax - (510)286-0740, Steve Horn, ) "a unique state resource agency established in 1976 by the Legislature, uses entrepreneurial techniques to purchase, protect, restore, and enhance coastal resources, and to provide access to the shore. We work in partnership with local governments, other public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private landowners. To date, the Conservancy has undertaken more than 630 projects along the 1,100 mile California coastline and around San Francisco Bay. "

California Conservation Corps Foundation, Sacramento CA cm97 .(690 W. Knox St. Ste. 240 Torrance, CA 90502 tel: 916-341-3177 fax: -324-3347 AND ) Fundraising arm of the Calif. Conservation Corps.

Calif Dept. of Fish and Game, Sacramento Ca e92 .(Information Services, Natural Diversity Data Base, California Department of Fish and Game, 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, Fax: (916) 324-0475) "Conserving California's Wildlife Since 1870" ...Geographic Information System (GIS) Divison...."California Department of Fish and Game Builds Agency-Wide GIS.:The continuing implementation of the Department of Fish and Game's GIS already allows many divisions to make better decisions. For example, reports Ellison, "Our Natural Heritage Division uses ArcInfo to manage a database of locations and status of rare and endangered plants, animals, and their habitats. The data is used to plan land acquisition and management. Federal, other state, and local government agencies, as well as California's business community, also make extensive use of this information for environmental impact reports for land development and land use planning." ...Habitat Conservation Division ..includes the GIS branch, Wildlife Habitat Relationships, and Conservation & Analysis groups. Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch: "The Branch provides and improves high quality scientific information and analysis needed by Department employees, and other public agencies and private organizations, for making wise and sound biological conservation decisions." Groups include the Conservation Analysis Unit responsible for: IBIS (Integrated Biological Information System), Significant Natural Areas Program, CA Wildlife Habitat Relationships Program, Gap Analysis Program (GAP) Info and Products, and the..The California Natural Diversity Data Base (NDDB), "a statewide inventory of the locations and condition of the state's rarest species and natural communities. The NDDB is a "heritage program" and is part of a nationwide network of similar programs." It is an ArcInfo GIS database with custom maps and species occurrences reports available to conservation groups at rates around $100/quad. ..Wildlife Management Division GIS Program:..The Wildlife Management Division's GIS program is currently staffed by Tom Lupo, Geographer and David Snider, scientific aide. The system was installed and became operational in the spring of 1994. The GIS program supports the Division's diverse activities in bird and mammal hunting regulation, bird and mammal conservation and the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System (CWHR)...Sample Map Products : Northern Spotted Owl Sites <247065 bytes> Mountain Lion Habitat Suitability <205022 bytes> Deer Hunting Status On California Public Lands <146447 bytes> Deer Zones and Additional Hunts <183313 bytes> Hunting Status on Public Lands Within Bear Hunt Zone <146322 bytes> 1996 General Bear Season <98752 bytes> Wild Pig Harvest <113020 bytes> San Joaquin Valley Area <91251 bytes> Total Species Richness <150110 bytes> Harvest Species Richness <144135 bytes> Threatened and Endangered Species Richness <181827 bytes> Seasonal Birds Species Richness <127557 bytes> Human Population Density - 1990 Census <138592 bytes>

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Ca: . .Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP) . (Fire and Resource Assessment Program, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, 1920 20th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. tel:(916) 227-2672 Fax:(916) 227-2651) The Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP) is to provide CDF with the capacity to systematically and continuously examine, evaluate, and assess the goals of its fire protection, resource management, management services, and other operational programs. GIS Data Layers and Maps : includes Vegetation Data, Watershed Data, CDF Data/Maps, Disturbance Data, Weather Data. GIS & Analysis Projects cover Fire, Hardwoods, Forests, Watersheds, People & Landscapes.

California Native Plant Society, Ca e95 .(David Chipping ( The California Native Plant Society (CNPS) is a statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California's native plants. The Society, working through its local chapters, seeks to increase understanding of California's native flora and to preserve this rich resource forfuture generations. Membership is open to all. Our members have diverse interests including natural history, botany, ecology, conservation, photography, drawing, hiking, and gardening....The new Plant Communities Program has prepared and standardized an updated classification of California's plant communities, resulting in a 1995 publication, A Manual of California Vegetation, using the CNPS Plant Communities Sampling Protocol. ...An Introduction to the Plant Communities of California...Photo Gallery-Highway 58 Revisited- Malcolm McLeod. Manual of California Vegetation Interactive Website .

California Teale Data Center, Ca . (P. O. BOX 13436, SACRAMENTO, CA 95813-4436 tel:(916) 263-1767 FAX (916) 263-1346 "The mission of the GIS Technology Center is to lead organizations toward the use of GIS as a fundamental technology for information management . The GIS Technology Center at Teale Data Center has built a reputation for expertise and excellence in developing and making GIS tools and data available for environmental, economic and social applications."

California Teale Data Center GIS Technology Center, Ca ; maintains a data library of over 35 types of geography. Library coverages are in ArcInfo format and are convertible to other file formats as required . All data are maintained in a common coordinate projection to enable overlay and integration functions. Four major data areas are ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS, INFRASTRUCTURE, PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY.

The California Environmental Resources Evaluation System - CERES -(1416 Ninth St. Suite 1311, Sacramento, CA, 95814, tel:(916) 654-9990 Director: Gary Darling, Phone 916-653-4279 email "is an information system developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data describing California's rich and diverse environments. The goal of CERES is to improve environmental analysis and planning by integrating natural and cultural resource information from multiple contributors and by making it available and useful to a wide variety of users....The goal of the Watershed Information Technical System (WITS) is to provide the information and tools to support local watershed planning, restoration, monitoring, and education via the CERES Web...The Wetlands Information System is designed to provide comprehensive wetlands information to the general public, the educational community, and government agencies. It is a compilation of public and private sector information, including maps, environmental documents, agency roles in wetlands management, restoration and mitigation activities, regulatory permitting, and wetland policies....The goal of the Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN) is to formulate and implement an information service to support and address land use and planning via the CERES Web...The mission of the California Ocean Resources Management Program (CORM) is: To ensure comprehensive and coordinated management, conservation and enhancement of California's ocean resources for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of current and future generations. Explore California's Coastal Geography takes you on a virtual tour of the state's coast, from the California Coastal Commission's book "California Coastal Resource Guide".

California State University Stanislaus BIOWEB. Biology Web Links Database . The purpose of this server is to consolidate existing WWW Biological Science teaching and research resources and to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology.

California Trout, Ca . (870 Market Street Suite 859 San Francisco, CA 94102) "California Trout is a statewide organization of anglers and conservationists who believe the survival of wild trout is a matter of personal responsibility. For 25 years we have combined our efforts to battle loggers, dammers, ranchers, and bureaucrats. Though our successes are legendary, our ambitions remain huge. Every dime we receive goes to work to provide quality fishing for the public to enjoy." see California Trout Conservation Plan .

California Wilderness Coalition, Davis, CA c96 . (2655 Portage Bay East, Suite 5 Davis, California 95616, Phone: (530) 758-0380 Fax: (530) 758-0382, Paul Spitler, Executive Director, "Founded in 1976, the California Wilderness Coalition is a non-profit conservation organization composed of environmental groups, business sponsors, and individual members. We primarily work to protect the wildest and most pristine areas remaining in California." . CONSERVATION GIS: "CWC's GIS mapping program has focused on mapping core habitat and threatened corridors for mountain lions. By providing enough space and connectivity for the mountain lion, the reserve network will provide many benefits to other wildlife. ...Our office also serves as California's contact for The Wildlands Project (TWP). TWP is a plan for the restoration and preservation of native biodiversity through a continent-wide system of connected reserves, based on the principles of conservation biology.' Wildlands 2000 presents the maps and progress of the statewide wilderness inventory program. Don't miss their new Carnivore Habitat Suitability maps of Southern California, made by the South Coast wildlands project . Also check out PRESERVING CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTS: THE BIG SUR WILDLANDS PROJECT .


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