ECP Grant Guidelines:
Training courses and online classes


You must complete the "Course Pre-registration" if you want to be considered for any kind of training grant. Training grants are for tuition waivers ONLY but this will cover all costs related to any online training. If applying for traditional classroom training you must still pay for your own travel and accommodations.

To complete your course request you will need to know the following specialized information in order to apply for a class:
- CLASS Name and CLASS ID: You'll have to obtain these both from the official training catalog listed at:
- Dates This is required for any instructor led class, whether online or in a physical classroom.
- Location: This is required for any instructor led class in a traditional physical classroom
- Speedtest results (ONLINE requests only): This is critical for any online requests as it determines if your internet connection is sufficient for the type of class you want. Instructor led online classes are like a video conference call, you'll need to be on a phone connection throughout the class and on a simultaneous video linkup. Typical internet phones are NOT likely to be sufficient, but esri provides a voice-over-internet (VOIP) connection as part of the free Cisco Webex classroom software. For the official tech requirements page, go to: It will test your webex connection capability and your ability to support VOIP audio connections, and you can report the results of your test for this question. A simpler alternative test can be found at, (skip the "Before you begin" and just go directly to the "Begin Test". All 3 numbers, ping, download and upload are important and need to be provided. If you are only taking a self-paced web course, no video or VOIP is needed and the figures from the simpler alternative test will be sufficient to ensure compatibility.

ESRI offers year-round training in hundreds of different GIS topics. Most of these are web-based courses at nominal fees or even free. Some of our web courses are self-paced, and some are virtual classrooms where you'll learn from an instructor in real time with other students at specific set classroom meeting times usually based on the USA time zone. Finally a limited number of instructor-led classes are also available in a traditional physical classroom setting, but ECP grants can only apply to live classes offered at esri corporate offices within the USA, and led by esri instructors. We cannot grant classes taught by "esri-certified" trainers from other companies, on-site live training, or training outside the USA. If you live outside the USA you'll need to use one of the online options for your training grant. Complete Course Schedules and guidelines can be seen at:, or you may contact the ESRI Learning Center directly at 909-793- 2853 x1585.

Self-paced Web-based training grants provide pass codes which will allow you into the ESRI Virtual Campus ( for a 6-month period in which you can take one course, moderated by ESRI training staff. There are many different courses and the passes are specific to one course and one person, so you have to specifically list which course you want and the student's name. All of the courses have a free "test-drive" module and you are encouraged to try them out before requesting a
free pass to the whole course. Please also note that you may only request a pass to an entire course, we do not grant passes to the individual modules and lectures. You are expected to complete the entire course.

Instructor-led training, whether in a virtual classroom or live is only offered on a SPACE-AVAILABLE basis. Once you apply for a course grant you are placed on a"standby" list and do not have a confirmed seat. 10 days before the class starts, you MUST call the ESRI learning center at (909) 793-2853 x1585. If there is space available in that class you will then be granted a confirmed seat over the phone.

Though the instructor-led class schedule rarely changes, we sometimes find it necessary to change the dates on which a class is offered, or to cancel a class. We contact registrants at our earliest opportunity in the event of a scheduling change or cancellation.
TRAVEL: Transportation to the training site is the registrants responsibility. ESRI assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable travel arrangement losses resulting from course scheduling changes or cancellations.
LODGING: Registrants are provided a class location map and list of area hotels. Registrants make their own lodging arrangements.
COURSE MATERIALS: All course materials are provided at the training site.


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