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Sitka Conservation Society

By Page Else, Sitka Conservation Society

Forest SceneWorking to protect the natural environment of the Tongass Forest and surrounding waters of Southeast Alaska

We believe that our economic future depends on a healthy environment and a sustainable lifestyle. Those who care for this area must work together to protect its rich diversity and incomparable beauty.

(Full size Sitka harvest impacts map: 245kb)

Ushk Bay, AlaskaWe use geographic information systems (GIS) to aid in understanding and analysis of natural resources and to share knowledge with others interested in issues affecting the coastal temperate rainforests of Southeast Alaska. Currently, our most critical issue is the revision to the Tongass Land Management Plan. The Planning Team is analyizing public comments on the draft now. We felt that protection for fisheries and wildlife habitat was far less than recommended by scientists. The public needs to let Congress know habitat protection is vital, and big logging companies can no longer be subsidized to destroy our resources. Very little high value old-growth habitat is left in the Tongass.
(Full size Chicagof Island old growth map: 245kb)

Our goals are:

To educate citizens on environmental issues
To help citizens participate in the public process
To adovcate responsible stewardship of natural resources
To protect wilderness areas

(Photos provided courtesy of Philip Greenspun)

Please subscribe or comment to: Sitka Conservation Society P.O. Box 316 Sitka, Alaska 99835 phone: (907)747-7509 fax: (907)747-6105 email:

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