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Fundacion Neotropica

1956 Land Use, Tempisque Region, Guanacaste, Costa Rica (Full size 1956 Land Use map: 1114kb) .

The Fundación Neotrópica is a non-governmental, private and non-profit organization working for the conservation and support of the development of natural resources.
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1992 Land Use, Tempisque Region, Guanacaste (Full size 1992 Land Use map: 1074kb)

Fundación Neotrópica aims to research, implement, and inform about activities that contribute to the sustainable development of natural resources, generating alternatives to development models which are damaging to renewable natural resources. Fundación Neotrópica programs include conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests, and sustainable development of renewable natural resources at community level. They act as a center for environmental studies and policy, and environmental education. Fundación Neotrópica acquired a biologically diverse and strategically important dry tropical forest area in Costa Rica's Guanacaste National Park.

Synthesis of Ecological Change, Tempisque Region (Full size Synthesis map 1077kb):


Text and graphics: Fundación Neotrópica, January 2, 1997, Fundacion Neotropica
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