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Bastrop County Environmental Council

Water Conservation Reports: With Texas’ protracted drought, the projected transfer of drinking water across watersheds is promising to become BCEN’s next major battle. We intend to produce a white paper (or more likely, as series of papers and presentations) on the current state of aquifers and surface water resources in the county, an analysis of projections for urban water demand in cities desiring this water, and recommendations for citizen and governmental actions necessary to ensure sustainable (or at least the longest possible) use of these resources.

Cumulative expense to BCEN for the first year of owning the proto-GIS is roughly $4954, which is about what we have been able to generate in the past from an entire year’s worth of fund-raising events.

Our call for volunteers to help get us going with GIS has been answered by some nice folks. An aide from the Texas Legislative Council helped us to understand our way into the TIGER census data (Enclosure 3). Several other people working in state agencies with geographic interests may be able to help us get data. A GPS software inventor living the county can help us when we get the equipment necessary to use his expertise. Most recently a young woman getting her Geography/Biology M. A. from Southwest Texas State University (SWTU in San Marcos) contacted us about Houston toad studies in the county. Under contract with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Austin, she and one of her professors produced land use, vegetation, and soils coverages for the endangered Houston toad habitat in Bastrop and adjacent counties.


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January 2, 1997

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