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The best source for learning how to use a GIS is still the original documentation for ArcGIS, now available free online at the ArcGIS Help Library. The Essentials Library provides an introduction to GIS and ArcGIS. These topics provide a foundation for using ArcGIS in your daily work. Essentials topics are directed at all audiences and are useful for users who are new to GIS or ArcGIS. This library is also very helpful for seasoned ArcGIS users.

The Professional Library provides comprehensive help topics for GIS professionals and covers many of the most common GIS workflows.

Good Starting points are:
What is ArcGIS Desktop 10?
ArcGIS 10 tutorials
Getting Started with ArcGIS 10

You'll find great GIS Podcasts here and Instructional Podcasts here.

Conservation GIS Technologies & Resources

Collaborative Online GIS tools site
ArcGIS Online: data sharing platform

Data Models: Help on Geodata Models for Conservation GIS.

Tools: Help on GIS Analysis Methods and Special Software for Conservation Analysis.

ESRI TV channel on Youtube has lots of free training videos!

GIS Conferences: meetings and workshops on Conservation GIS.


Support & Advice: Sources of technical help and advice.
Donors: Funding Sources, Donors & NGO Support.
Starter Kit: The Conservation Starter Kit Course Info
Data Sources
: Links to online and free sources of GIS data
Internet Tools
: Lists and search tools for finding conservation GIS on the web.
Training: Sources of specialized training and online courses in Conservation Geography.



NEW: Drag & Drop GIS& GPS data online

Free online training course in Conservation GIS, (Joint project of TNC and many top conservation groups)

Wildlife Tracking & Analysis: How to import & analyze Tracking data (PDF) (Thanks to Snow Leopard Conservancy for example data and video)

Conservation and GIS Tutorial/Seminars:
GIS for Scientists and Systematists 1
GIS for Scientists and Systematists 2
GIS for Scientists and Systematists 3

What Is GIS?


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Lucy Chege-Waruingi assists Marinda Convis with the basics of field conservation geography






























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